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Introducing Cetilar®: The Key to Muscle Recovery

Calling all athletes and gym lovers! Are you tired of feeling stress on your muscles and joints? Have you suffered from contusions, strains, or sprains? We have something that can help! Say hello to Cetilar®, an innovative formulation that targets joints, muscles, and tendons. You won’t find this product anywhere else other than PharmaNutra, and we’re to tell you all about it. Here’s everything you need to know about Cetilar® — they key to muscle recovery:

What is Cetilar®?

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Cetilar® is a formulation containing cetylated fatty acids (CFAs) dedicated to muscle and joint health. We designed this innovative formula to provide an effective and practical answer to everyday problems encountered in the sports world. Professionals are always looking for safe and effective products to improve muscle recovery, and the search ends with Cetilar®!  

How Can it Help Muscles and Joints?

Cetylated fatty acids are a PharmaNutra-patented blend of plant-derived fatty acids and cetyl alcohol. When they’re combined with therapeutic massages, they can aid in joint and musculoskeletal recovery, as well as improve the range of motion and joint function! The CFAs are able to quickly pass through the skin barrier and be rapidly absorbed, which leads to faster relief. 

One of the best parts about using Cetilar® is that there are no side effects! It also doesn’t contain any doping substances and doesn't lead to photosensitivity reactions like redness, itching, or rashes. You’ll feel better without suffering any negative consequences!

What Types of Products Do You Have?

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We offer four different Cetilar® products: Cetilar® Cream, Cetilar® Patch, Cetilar® Tape, and Cetilar® Oro. Learn more about each below: 

Cetilar® Cream: Cetilar® Cream is a topical cream that is useful in cases of trauma due to contusions, strains, sprains, and fractures. It leads to rapid absorption during therapeutic massages and improves rehabilitation and functional performance after just one week. Just apply twice a day on the affected areas by massaging until it’s completely absorbed.

Cetilar® Patch: The patch is a local action patch for muscle and joint recovery. It adheres directly to the skin, is resistant to sweat and water, and allows absorption through the skin. It’s beneficial for stretches, distortions, and contractures. 

Cetilar® Tape: Cetilar® Tape is an inelastic adhesive strip that helps improve joint functionality, contributes to reducing stiffness, and contributes to recovery. Like all our Cetilar® products, it contains CFAs and adheres perfectly to the skin.

Cetilar® Oro: Cetilar® Oro is the first and only oral suspension food supplement that has cetylated fatty acids. It has excellent flavor and tolerability, no toxicity, and is beneficial in supporting the musculoskeletal system.

Cetilar® is the key to muscle recovery! Learn more about Cetilar® and decide if one of our products is right for you.