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Top 3 Reasons to Choose SiderAL® Over Other Iron Supplements

Have you been experiencing symptoms of an iron deficiency and been told by a medical professional to start taking iron supplements? We’re here to help. With so many different iron supplement brands and types, how can you be sure that you’re getting the best quality? Turn to PharmaNutra! You won’t find an iron supplement with better quality or better results than SiderAL®. To learn more, take a look at these 3 reasons to choose SiderAL® over other iron supplements. 

1. Better Absorption

One of the main benefits of taking SiderAL® is that it has a higher absorption rate than ordinary iron supplements. We use our patented Sucrosomial® Technology to preserve, transport, protect, and facilitate the absorption of iron. What the technology does is prevent the iron from being released in the stomach and allow it to properly be absorbed in the intestine. It’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the intestine! Using Sucrosomial® iron in our SiderAL® supplements makes it easier for your body to get the amount of iron it needs to be healthy. Our SiderAL® supplements also include Vitamin C, which helps promote absorption. 

2. Limits Undesirable Side Effects

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When you take SiderAL®, you’re able to avoid many of the undesirable side effects you may get from taking iron supplements. Side effects range from things like stomach pain and nausea to constipation and lack of appetite. Because SiderAL® passes through the stomach and is absorbed through the intestine, you’re able to avoid the irritation and discomfort you typically experience with other iron supplements. You can also say goodbye to the metallic and unpleasant aftertaste that you often get after conventional iron supplementation! Our Sucrosomial® Technology allows us to create a supplement that you won’t dread taking every day. Because there are fewer undesirable side effects, you’re more likely to stick with it and take the supplements daily, causing your body’s iron intake to reach a healthy amount.  

3. Unique Formula You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Most iron supplements contain the same ingredients and produce the same results, but that’s not the case with SiderAL®. SiderAL® is the answer to your dietary deficiencies and increased iron requirements. It’s created and designed with your health in mind and is exclusive to PharmaNutra. You won’t be able to get a supplement with Sucrosomial® iron anywhere else. Our iron supplement is the only one that allows the iron to be absorbed directly into the intestine and the only one you can depend on to provide you with this level of absorption and tolerability. 

About Our Iron Supplements

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We have two types of our patented iron supplements available: SiderAL® Forte and SiderAL® Folic. SiderAL® Forte is used in cases where iron supplementation is necessary, even for long periods. It’s the solution for people of all ages who are struggling with iron deficiency. The recommended dosage of SiderAL® Forte is 1 capsule a day, swallowed with water. SiderAL® Folic is unique in that it’s the first mouth-dispersible Sucrosomial® iron for women’s health. It’s beneficial for women who are pregnant or approaching menopause and contributes to energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of fatigue. Our iron supplements can be taken at any time of the day and produce the same results.

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Now that you know what sets SiderAL® apart from other iron supplements, you’re ready to overcome your iron deficiency! Browse our SiderAL® products to decide which of our iron supplements best suits your needs.