cetylated fatty acids

What are Cetylated Fatty Acids?

Muscle and joint health is extremely important, especially for athletes and those who are more physically active. You want to take care of your body to guarantee you can perform your best during every sporting event, workout, or other physical activity. At PharmaNutra, we’ve created cetylated fatty acids, a patented blend of ingredients that will help keep your muscles and joints healthy and aid in recovery. To help you learn more, we’ve created a guide with everything you need to know about cetylated fatty acids.

What are They?

You might be wondering, “What are cetylated fatty acids?” Well, we’re here to tell you. They are a unique blend of plant-derived fatty acids and cetyl alcohol that play a huge role in joint and musculoskeletal recovery, as well as improve your range of motion and joint function. They are able to quickly pass through the skin barrier, which many other active ingredients available on the market today are unable to do. 

How do They Work?

woman stretching joints

An easy aid to muscle and joint recovery sounds nice, but how do cetylated fatty acids actually work? Cetylated fatty acids stabilize and lubricate the cell membranes while enabling normal joint flexibility and mobility. When they quickly and effectively pass through the skin barrier, they restore function to the damaged membrane and aid in joint and musculoskeletal recovery. Cetylated fatty acids are most effective when combined with massages. 

Who do They Benefit?

We created Cetilar®, our patented formulation that contains cetylated fatty acids, to provide an answer to common problems we’ve seen in the world of sports. Cetylated fatty acids benefit athletes and others who are physically active. They are safe to use for people practicing sports at any level! 

About Cetilar®

Cetilar products

Cetilar® is an exclusive patent that we designed to aid in muscle recovery and improve overall muscle and joint well-being. It contains our special formulation of cetylated fatty acids to improve joint function and range of motion. We have four different types of Cetilar® products available, including our topical cream that’s best used during massages, our Cetilar® Patch, Cetilar® Oro, the first dietary supplement containing cetylated fatty acids available as an oral suspension, and Cetilar® Tape, an inelastic adhesive strip. All of our Cetilar® products can be used to take care of your muscles and joints. Here are some of the main benefits of Cetilar®:

  • Safety. Not sensitive to sunlight and contains no doping substances.
  • Contains a high concentration of cetylated fatty acids (7.5%) and absorbs rapidly.
We have tape, patches, oral supplements, and topical cream available for you to choose from so that you can get back to feeling like yourself in no time. Take a look at all our Cetilar® products and let cetylated fatty acids improve your health today!