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What are Sucrosomial® Minerals?

When you purchase products from PharmaNutra, you’re guaranteed a quality you won’t find anywhere else. Through our creation of patented minerals, we’re able to offer people nutritional supplements that can help improve their physical and mental well-being. One of our most popular supplements is ApportAL®, which is the daily boost and support your body needs, all in one. One aspect of ApportAL® that sets it apart from other supplements is our Sucrosomial® minerals. Keep reading to learn more about them and what ApportAL® has to offer.

About Sucrosomial® Minerals

Sucrosomial® minerals are created using our patented Sucosomial® Technology, which helps preserve, transport, protect, and facilitate the absorption of essential nutrients of the human body. This powerful technology leads to higher levels of absorption and promotes tolerability. Supplements that contain Sucrosomial® minerals, like ApportAL®, help support the body and promote general well-being. 

About ApportAL® 

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ApportAL® is filled with 19 nutrients that help the body perform important functions. It’s the ultimate nutritional solution to combat fatigue! ApportAL® is unlike any other supplement because it contains 5 Sucrosomial® minerals: Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Iodine, and Magnesium. Here’s the breakdown of each mineral:


Sucrosomial® Selenium: Helps support the body’s immune system and ensures the proper functioning of the cell antioxidants.

Sucrosomial® Iron: Contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Sucrosomial® Zinc: An ally for the functioning of the immune system. Fundamental for growth and healthy skin.

Sucrosomial® Iodine: Important for the metabolism and functions controlled by thyroid hormones. Helps develop the central nervous system and bones in children.

Sucrosomial® Magnesium: Fundamental for producing energy and regulating the health of the nervous system. Provides valid support for the muscles.

Because it contains Sucrosomial® minerals, ApportAL® has a higher efficacy than normal daily supplements and is easily absorbed. It can be effective in reducing periods of fatigue and tiredness, combating intense physical activity, and decreasing general weakness. 

When Should I Take Sucrosomial® Minerals?

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If you’re looking for a way to boost your immune system and protect your overall health, Sucrosomial® minerals can help. Turn to ApportAL® for the fast-acting support you need. ApportAL® can help those who have been experiencing mental and physical fatigue, psychophysical stress, convalescence, or a general weakness. It can also be beneficial when the seasons change to boost the immune system. 

If you’re ready for increased energy, restored strength, and a stronger immune system, it’s time to start taking ApportAL®! Get ApportAL® and help your body regain vitality today.